Andrea - Photographer

As the daughter of a photographer, I saw my childhood through the lens of my father, and those honest photographs are what inspire me today. I have a strong artistic and creative ability, and I studied to learn the technical side of photography. I believe in continuous learning and regularly take classes and workshops from well-respected photographers to improve my craft. The only photographer I compare myself to is the one I was yesterday.


"The photographer I had was outstanding, to say the least. She made me feel so beautiful and completely at ease. She was not only highly professional, she was also very, very nice. She is a top-of-the-line photographer and I would only use her services in the future. Good job on having her on board.  P.S. She has such a vibrant and positive personality."

"Andrea was great. I was really nervous about looking 'sexy' and she helped relax me. She was very patient and some really good ideas for the shoot that went along with the wardrobe I brought."

"She was very nice and had a lively energy. She made me feel more at ease and gave me lots of tips and didn't make the experience at all awkward. I would definitely use her services again!"