MaryKate- Photographer
I love shooting boudoir because it's just so ridiculously fun! Women come in all nervous and scared and an hour later they're strutting around half naked and don't want their shoot to end!
 I love that I have the opportunity to help women feel more sexy and confident during their session and that I can provide photos to remind them of their beauty for the rest of their lives. 
I'm a Houston native and love photography, local art, ice cream, and traveling. 
"The perfect mix of perfectionism and fun! Patient and creative, Marykate made sure my shoot was an absolute blast! Will be back for more soon!"  
"I booked a shoot and was so nervous because I tend to be camera shy, but Marykate made it so easy! She gave me directions on how to pose and made me feel very comfortable and I had a lot of fun! The pictures came out amazing, they made me feel so confident and my boyfriend absolutely loved them! I'm definitely planning on getting more taken next year!" 
"Immediately after walking in, I felt comfortable. Marykate, my amazing photographer talked me through her ideas, went through my lingerie with me and we picked my favorites, then it was time to shoot. I was terrified but Marykate gave me specific poses and ideas, encouraging me the entire way. Her running commentary of encouragement, smiles, and playful banter made me feel safe and incredibly relaxed. I could not have loved the experience and photos more." 
"I've always been self conscious of my body and thought a boudoir shoot would be a great way to overcome that. The shoot was so fun and I can't believe how amazing I look in the photos. I recommend everyone to book a session with Marykate!"