Michele - Photographer

My interest in photography began early on in life.  My mom gave me her old film camera she used in the 70s and I loved photographing my friends with it.  I eventually pursued photography in college and developed a love for photographing people.  One of my favorite things however, was what I could do with the photos afterwards; in Photoshop.  I have spent the better part of the last 8 years making people look amazing in photographs as a photo retoucher and now I am back as a photographer making women look amazing again.  It has been wonderful to see all the different women that come in to look and feel sexy and confident.  I’m so glad to be a part of that.  

More about me... I am currently living in Pittsburgh, PA where I met and married my college sweetheart.  I love to travel, try new foods, explore and pet all the puppies.  When I’m not photographing boudoir, you can find me enjoying the outdoors on camping or kayaking trips or hiking in the woods with my own new puppy! 


"My experience was awesome. She made me feel very comfortable as this was my first boudoir shoot. She was fun, encouraging, and laid back."

"Loved her. She definitely made me feel relaxed and we had fun during the shoot."

"She was awesome! So friendly and fun and I instantly felt relaxed. Pits location. She was fabulous."

"I liked her immediately. She was genuine and easy to talk to. I did not feel uncomfortable. She was professional yet laid back and fun. I was really thinking that I might like a couple of the pictures but I was blown away at how many I liked. She did a great job of telling me ideas of how to pose and how to position myself to look flattering for the camera."

"It was extremely pleasant. I had a few issues and arrived late. During the shoot I had wardrobe malfunctions. She was patient and kind. I have a permanent scowl aka RBF she tried to get me to smile and show a different side of me."