Office Manager

Growing up, I knew what I wanted to be. I went to school, pursued a degree in Journalism and was confident in my path. Life likes to throw obstacles in our way though and I found myself in a very different industry. I was suddenly specializing in making women feel good about their selves. They would walk out with their heads held high, ready to take on the world. I was in awe. If they could feel that good about themselves and I could help make that happen, maybe I was doing exactly what I am supposed to. That’s how I knew becoming a day maker professionally was my calling. The little things like answering a question or finding a solution for a client are what I live for. I found passion in helping women in particular. Something magical happens when a woman finds her inner goddess and nothing makes me happier than to be a part of that process. Loving yourself is tough and it’s a hard lesson that I had to learn over the years. But when you find that fire inside of you, it’s luminous. 


St. Louis is my first home but Denver is my forever home. I love to read, write, listen to music and do box wine tastings. Hiking and camping are some of my favorite things to do but I can also be a very effective couch potato.