Reba - Photographer

I got my first camera when I was 10 and photographed everything! It took me a while to find the type of photography that moves me. I remember watching a woman tear up while looking at her pictures because she didn't think she could look or feel that beautiful and sexy. I want women to have that crazy confidence when you feel good in your own skin, so you can go conquer your fears, pursue your dreams and live life to the fullest!

Dallas is home with my boxer dog Bella but I’ve lived everywhere from California to Alaska. I'm a Starbucks addict. I enjoy traveling, a good dance party and red wine (and long walks on the beach lol). 


"She did a fabulous job. she is very professional and she made me feel comfortable as I never done this before. My pictures came out stunning. I was very impressed with my photos."

"It was wonderful. She was extremely professional and nice. I was comfortable the whole time."

"Reba was amazing. She was very calm which helped me to relax. She was very patient with me when it came to posing and was possibly the best part of the experience. She deserves a raise for the quality of work she does!"

"She was awesome! Very comfortable and she was willing to try poses that made me comfortable too."